Sunday, August 16, 2009

Personal Injury Lawyers Are Renaissance Men

Learning of Tarricone and even Weisbrod's background widens this marketer's view of the comprehensive quality and scope to AAJ membership and vendors. It's no wonder you can feel the power of these folks at AAJ/ATLA conferences. They both contour the fabric of American society, but also like Michelangelo, practice in a wide range of expertise.

AAJ is a true movement of intellectual activity:

On the one had, you look at the impact of the Plaintiff bar on ordinary folks fighting giant corporations and insurance companies. They level an uneven playing field.

Then you take into account the impact on the US medical industry as they act as the single watchdog for corporate greed or negligence. Then add their influence on the ever-changing legal landscape for corporate executives steering clear of these past mistakes. The power these folks hold just by threat of scrutiny is awe-inspiring. But whether you're talking Aviation, Maritime or medical malpractice, the plaintiff bar knows the people, place and product intimately.

It's even humbling to help grow their law practice, as I'm finding that the same focus enables some personal injury lawyers to be pretty good marketers. They get how TV works, how email is an important venue for pushing education, how the WEB levels the playing field. And as a direct response marketer who knows his stuff, I'm finding they respect professionals who have a clear idea on who they represent and their goals.

Thanks for letting me peak in on the world, AAJ. It's a living, organic, evolving world as amazing as any Renaissance.

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